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Brooklyn based Hurrican Bells Band

Hurricane Bells is a brand new band which released its debut album ‘Tonight is the Ghosts’ in November 2009.  Hurricane Bells is based out of Brooklyn and is done almost entirely by Steve Schiltz who worked with the band Longwave, but left to work on his own music and the album ‘Tonight is the Ghosts’ is the result of eighteen months with a computer and an Mbox.  One song has already made it into a box office hit-New Moon-and Hurricane Bells is thus set up to be able to produce more music, should Steve Shitltz decide to do it.

What’s interesting about his distinctive style of music is that though it may come off as depressing and emotional at first, when you listen carefully, you find that there is a lot of optimism and hope in the lyrics and the melody drags you through the highs and the lows of the song’s story.  Just like the beautiful hurricane bells that warned of a storm with melodious notes, the same name band tells of the bad times with an air of hope and the good times with a note of warning.  And of course the use of a computer to simulate the instrumentation means that Schiltz can experiment with all manner of sounds and melodies which means that he gets a very unique sound for each of the songs in the album.

There is no real genre for this music; it sways more towards rock sometimes and other times towards alternative rock or even pop.  In fact, it’s best not to label Hurricane Bells, or you end up missing a lot of the subtlety and enjoyment in the music.  Instead, let Hurricane Bells and ‘Tonight is the Ghosts’ take you into the dark, into the light, and into the grey; in short, all of the aspects of life.

You can listen to one of their songs here:

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