I’ve been renting a studio space for over 8 years now,….. yes 8 years… I couldn’t ask for a better place to have my recording studio. location location location… very important when you’re dealing with a client base that comes from every borough. The train is 2 blocks away, the highway and 59th street bridge is 2 blocks away as well as the midtown tunnel. you have indoor parking which is a major convenience for those that drive. There is great internet through out the whole building which helps me a lot when i have to upload projects and send out big files. There is always people working on music no matter what time your in the building so this a good environment for those die hard musicians. Trust me.. i’m here all the time, lol… The staff is my guys and became like extended family over the years.. all extremely helpful and there for you…priceless when u least expect it… I’ve made my home here…as well as me bringing in about 10 other studio owners. The recording community is growing in here and its only gonna get better!!. Thanks empire..i appreciate you guys 100%

Tommy 2 Face

This place is a LIFE SAVER! Lost my studio in a flood and they welcomed me in with open arms. Incredible staff, clean building, easy access with multiple elevators including a huge freight elevator. I also rent a storage space downstairs which makes it easy to keep my cases and random gear out of my workspace. Building new rooms on the 4th floor. I checked out a lot of spaces after I lost my studio, ALL of them were overpriced, tiny and/or gross. This is by far the best renting experience I’ve ever had.  Thanks EMPIRE!

Joe Russo of JRAD & Further

Empire in Queens is a great spot. I’ve been renting a monthly space over three years. The staff is awesome, fair, and doesn’t take people’s bs. They run a tight ship and the result is a well-run, clean facility, staffed from 8am-midnight with folks who are always very helpful. Couldn’t be happier.

JP Bouvet

“I have been a studio tenant for about 5 years, and now own three rooms were I build my Music Production Facility. We love the staff who have been a very positive and supportive crew throughout the years and that have helped us with every move to get to were we are.

We put a lot of love into our rooms and remodeled freely to filled our demands and management helped us along the way thru the whole process.

The building is located close to everything, including subway stations, the city, Brooklyn and most music venues in NYC. The free indoor parking is unbeatable and makes a big part of our decision to be there, and our clients love it. They also provide complimentary WIFI free of charge, and electricity is included with the rent. The place is very secured and constantly monitored with a big camera close circuit the cover the entire building.

It is true the rooms originally could have been build better, but we took charge and did it ourselves.

We are very happy with our experience!

Inti M.

“I have been playing the drums for years and was at another rehearsal studio until recently. Empire Rehearsal Studios has been good to me. They were building new rooms and they built a custom size room just for me. I’m happy. I pay much less than I did before and have a great room with 24/7 access.”

Joe R.

“You can’t beat the per hour rental fee, but the deal does come at a price. All the normal rehearsal studio gear is available (2 guitar amps, PA system, drums w/ cymbals) but no bass amps for your bassists. This typically makes bassists angry, and no band wants an angry bassist. I saw 2 of the rooms with my own eyes, and they’re tiny, but a 4 person band would be ok, without feeling too cramped. At first glance, this place is a little odd, but what isn’t odd at first glance in this city? You’re essentially in the hallways of a storage warehouse, where the good people of Empire have built rehearsal rooms…sans bass amps. The PA system is also questionable, just not very high end…more middle to low end. they’ve also decided to not buy stands for the PA speakers. I think with minimal upgrades, Empire could easily get a solid following.”

Dom Sen.

“It might not be soundproofed perfect and yes it’s mainly a storage unit rental company, but where else can you rehearse for $25/h? and the guys who work there are nice and personable.”

Hernando B

“These guys have really good rates (we paid $15/hr), and were able to provide a well-equipped and spacious room within short notice. The reservation process was pain-free, and whoever I spoke with on the phone was incredibly helpful.

I’ve only used the Long Island City location, but they also have rooms in downtown Brooklyn. For some, these neighbourhoods may be a little out of the way, but that has it’s advantages (i.e. not as much noise competition, etc.) Oh – and the bathroom was super clean!”


“Plenty of room for my 4 piece to rock. I only needed my sticks since they had all the cymbals there. Everything worked. Line 6, Marshall were great. Skins must have been changed cause they were new too. Our singer brought her own mic which plugged into the pa so we had 3. This place was great. As soon as we get off tour I am renting a monthly here.”

Johnny S.