I’ve been renting a studio space for over 8 years now,….. yes 8 years… i couldn’t ask for a better place to have my recording studio. location location location… very important when your dealing with a client base that comes from every borough. The train is 2 blocks away,the highway and 59th street bridge is 2 blocks away as well as the midtown tunnel. you have indoor parking which is a major convenience for those that drive. There is great internet through out the whole building which helps me a lot when i have to upload projects and send out big files. There is always people working on music no matter what time your in the building so this a good environment for those die hard musicians. Trust me.. i’m here all the time, lol… The staff is my guys and became like extended family over the years.. all extremely helpful and there for you…priceless when u least expect it… I’ve made my home here…as well as me bringing in about 10 other studio owners. The recording community is growing in here and its only gonna get better!!. Thanks empire..i appreciate you guys 100